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Vegetable Plug Plants

Online Catalogue |  Vegetable Plug Plants

Artichoke plug plants Aubergine plug plants Capsicum (Pepper) plug plants Chilli plug plants Courgette plug plants
Cucumber plug plants Melon plug plants Pattypan Squash plug plants Physalis (Tomatillo) plug plants Squash (Winter) plug plants
Sweet Pepper plug plants Tomato plug plants Winter Squash plug plant

Please note

Plants are for UK delivery only. Please do not ask us to send them to outside the UK as delays in post mean they would not arrive in good condiiton.

As postage prices have gone up enormously in recent years we have now made an additional postage charge for plug plants rather than increasing the price for them. This is in addition to the standard £1.60 admin charge.

up to 3 packs (18 plants) - an extra £2.25
up to 8 packs (48 plants) - an extra £4.80
More than 8 packs - an extra £5.40

Online Catalogue |  Vegetable Plug Plants

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