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Capsicum (Pepper) Seeds

Growing Information
Germination can take 7-21 days, longer for some very hot varieties, and heat is needed. We normally start sowing in January and continue until early April.

All grow well indoors in 8" (20cm) pots or growbags. Pinching out the growing tip, once the plants begin to flower, will encourage the growth of laterals. This will significantly increase your yield. If you do this on varieties with medium or large fruited varieties you will need to give your plants plenty of support. Give your plants a high nitrogen food, once they are established in their final growing position, then switch to one high in potash (standard tomato food) once flowering begins.

Green/red means they ripen to red. This can take up to 21 days, so ripening off the plant allows more to develop.

Pepper heights vary according to how they are grown. A pepper grown in a 5" (13cm) pot will grow shorter than one grown in a 9" (23cm) pot but will produce fewer and earlier fruit. The average growth height for the peppers listed below is 30" (76cm) except for certain taller or shorter varieties where their height has been given.