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Green Zebra plug plant Green Zebra plug plantRef: P/TOM116

A cordon which is green with darker stripes. The flavour is exquisite and looks pretty in the salad bowl. Best grown under cover.

(Please note: plantlets should be ordered in multiples of 6. See banner at top of page for further information)

How to grow

Pot on A.S.A.P. into 9cm (3½”) pots without removing the netting. The seed leaves (the bottom two) will naturally yellow, wither and drop off. Keep the plants in a warm place. If they are going into an unheated greenhouse bring them inside at night when frosts or very cold nights are forecast. Pot on or transplant to growing site/growbag when roots show at the base of the pot. Provide support for the main stem and tie in at frequent intervals. Pinch out side shoots (the shoots that appear between stem and leaf) when they are small to prevent damage. Feed weekly with tomato food after first truss sets. Stop tip after 6th truss. Remove lower leaves as the plant grows to allow ventilation.

1.95 (5 or fewer) 1.75 (6 or more)


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