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Habanero: Katie plug plant Habanero: Katie plug plantRef: P/CAPH340

Cap Chinense. Very, very hot. Preliminary results indicated a Scoville rating of a staggering 1,590,000 Scovilles!!! We believe this to be a new record for a chilli grown in the UK.
Large fruits, very very hot. Handle fruits with care! Probably the hottest chilli in the UK!!

(Please note: plantlets should be ordered in multiples of 6. See banner at top of page for further information)

How to grow

Pot on into 9cm (3½”) pots without removing the netting. The seed leaves (the bottom two) will naturally yellow, wither and drop off shortly. Keep the plants in a warm place. If they are going into an unheated greenhouse bring them inside at night when frosts or very cold nights are forecast. Pot on or transplant to growing site when roots show at the base of the pot. When flowers show feed weekly with tomato food.

1.95 (5 or fewer) 1.75 (6 or more)


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